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May 2009
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Back Up the Van


Bookfraud, I miss you. Blog again please!

When the lovely and fetching (and brilliant) Voix asks me to blog, how can I say no? Even if she wrote this, like, six months ago.

There’s some good reasons I haven’t  blogged, and some not-so-good ones as well, and I will dispense of the latter before getting to the good stuff.

Bad reasons for not blogging: I haven’t blogged because the Cubs are the Cubs, because I’m still mad about Bernie Madoff, because I’m being disappointed in advance for President Obama, because Republicans still suck ass, because I’m really unhappy with my keyboard, and, finally, I haven’t blogged because a Irish wolfhound looked me in the face and told me if I ever blogged again, he would have to kill me.

Real reason for not blogging: For the first time in my life, I have a Blackberry.

This came with my new job, which I was fortunate enough to land in February and start full-time in March. I will not go into more detail about it save to say it is an excellent position, they’re working me harder than a Marine grunt in basic training, and I’m grateful to be working, as grateful a man who has regained the ability to walk.

So there’s that. Also, we have to move 800 miles away in July as part of my new employment. "We" being me, Wife, and Baby-Tot (ne Baby). We were in my new city of employment a couple of weeks ago and signed a lease for an apartment, thus "sealing" "the deal." 

(Anybody in the market for an overpriced, underloved, and never-will-be-purchased-in-time place to live? Mention to the realtor and I’ll give you a 3 percent discount. That’s three-fucking-percent! Off a place nobody is ever going to buy!

My vote for Obama is paying off already!)

Also, my mother was visiting us in April, took a spill and her temple introduced itself to the sidewalk, ended up going to the ER, got stitches, had trouble breathing later that night, went back to the hospital at 2 a.m. in an ambulance that got lost, got a buttload of chest scans, found out that she had pneumonia, and ended up extending her stay a week. A week in an out-of-town hospital, in isolation, no less.

(Did I ever mention that pneumonia was what felled my father? You might imagine I had a little stress no-sleep thing going there.)

After I started my new job—I’m really grateful to have it, did I mention that?—I became just a mite scared of blogging, if only of my new bosses discovering it. (Why they would suddenly discover it is beyond me, but I still had the fear.) Also, a minor point: I’ve been working nights, weekends, and sections of the morning marked by hours lower than "6."

Waldman: Loves Michael Chabon this much

And if it was not just my inability to find the hours to sleep, not to mention blog, I was about as active in the blogosphere overall as Ayelet Waldman is withdrawn and sane, which is to say, not at all.

I don’t know how much more of this I can take, honestly. If I loved Wife more than Baby-Tot, like a certain writer currently in the news, then I guess I could put the little bugger up for adoption, which would have the copasetic effect of giving me time to shower, cut down on the number of communicable diseases I contract, and save expontentially on the food bill. But when I entertain such ideas, Baby-Tot will do something like say "Delicious!" when eating dinner, will ask to hear Yo-Yo Ma, or runs up and gives me a hug, his arms wrapped around my knees.

Plan B it is, then. Baby-Tot will stay.

Maybe I’ll write something in another week, or another six months, or something. Don’t stay up for me.

6 comments to Back Up the Van

  • Imagine my shock when my blogroll has you up with a new post!

    I’m glad for you re the new job. And I hope you mom continues to do well. As for the overwork and lack of sleep, my sympathies.

    I hope you like the new job regardless of whether you are grateful for it or not. :)

  • Oh darling! I’ve missed you so. If you move to Minneapolis, I fully expect you to look me up and let me buy you a drink. Anonymity be damned!

    Congrats on the new job. I’m delighted on your behalf.

  • Congrats on the new job! And good luck with the move – hope you^ll get back to blogging at some point.

  • Welcome back to the treadmill BF. Hope the new city is good to

  • OK, stop it. This post just cracked me up so now I want more and more often and I know how busy you are so… if I have to wait another six months I will be very disappointed.

    No guilt trip, I swear. MAJOR congrats on the new job and the new city!

    Glad to hear you’ve decided to keep the baby.

  • what nova said. I’m so glad to hear about the new job — maybe not so much about the blackberry. Baby-tot is a total keeper, clearly.

    And please — it’s really not nice to make people wait for SIX MONTHS until you post again, even if your reasons are sound.


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